Detroit Aircraft Fire


Detroit Aircraft’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) provide firefighters with an eye in the sky to help them see where the fire is headed, the location of hotspots behind the fire front, and the proximity of any structures nearby that might be in danger. Learn More

Detroit Aircraft Public Safety

Public Safety

When faced with potentially dangerous situations, the nation’s 48,000 law enforcement agencies need as much information about the situation as possible before determining a course of action. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) provide law enforcement personnel with aerial, real-time situational awareness without putting anyone in harms way. Learn More

Detroit Aircraft Agriculture


UAS have the ability to help farmers monitor crops and inspect for harmful insects and nutritional deficiencies in specific problem locations. Using infrared (IR) imagery, farmers, for example, can inspect the health of their crops by detecting the levels of Chlorophyll in the leaves. Learn More


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