Welcome to Detroit’s leading uninhabited aerial systems (UAS) research, business development and consulting company for first response, commercial and creative applications.  Leveraging the brightest minds in the aerospace, DAC is in a key position to facilitate integration of UAS in time for the FAA’s 2015 mandate.

Our aim is to provide solutions that increase the qualify of life for our community through job creation, the introduction of life augmenting UAS technologies, applications, and one day, highly automated cargo/passenger transport systems.  Be apart of the Next Generation of air mobility, volunteer your time, donate or invest, we welcome you.

For the leaders of the worldwide Aerospace Industry, we welcome you to join us in playing a part in Detroit’s revitalization, safety and security.  Leverage Coleman A. Young International Airport’s HUD Zone, Federal and State grants and incentives for the City of Detroit. Demonstrate your capabilities in Detroit to the region’s concentration of users and innovators – find talent and new customers.  A mass market development opportunity is a foot, and we welcome partner agreements to advance this exciting new chapter in aviation history and mobility.

–Fly safe!